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Trunk Bay Snorkeling, Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay Underwater Trail

One of St. John’s most popular snorkeling spots. It provides plaques with an abundance of information about the sea life. There will also be a variety of fish and coral reefs to view and learn about.

Annaberg Sugar Plantation on St. John, VI

Annaberg Sugar Plantation

A part of St. John’s Danish colonial era, prior to U.S. ownership. A historic trail, showcasing how sugar was being processed and the living quarters of the slaves. Sugar was a major resource of St. John’s wealth.

Lime Out taco bar on St. John, VI

Lime Out

Floating Taco Bar, Accessible by boat only, located in Coral Bay. Many charter boat companies can make a pit stop there for an enjoyable lunch.

Salt Pond Beach on St. John, VI

Salt pond Beach

Visit the Natural Salt Pond. Also, while there, please try the Ram’s Head trail, breathtaking views of the eastern and southern side of the island.

Reef Bay Trail on St. John, VI

Reef Bay Trail

The most popular hiking trail on St. John. Hikers can view the oldest and tallest trees on the island, along with plantation ruins, petroglyphs. During the rainy season, there is a breathtaking waterfall. There are also signs along the trail, which helps with identifying plants and their uses. It is quite a hike, please stay hydrated.

Watermelon Cay Snorkeling on St. John, VI

Waterlemon Cay (Snorkeling)

#1 popular snorkeling area. See a variety of sea life, fish, rays, turtles, starfish, conch, and plenty of coral reefs. Short hike out to the cay or it can be added as a stop on your boat charters.

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