Paid Parking in Cruz Bay

If you’re headed into Cruz Bay for a day trip or night on the town, don’t let the lack of parking wreck your plans. Be sure to take advantage of the paid parking at L&L Jeep Rental, Inc. We’re located by the police station and Fatty Crab on Prince Street, convenient to downtown Cruz Bay and all your favorite spots. For information call (340) 776-1120, or you can also book a car rental now. We serve St. John, Virgin Islands.

Parking Rates

If you’re a new visitor to Cruz Bay, plan ahead to find parking. Most restaurants don’t have parking lots, leaving you to fend for yourself. At L&L Jeep Rental we offer parking for both our renters and the public, although our renters receive a discounted rate. For parking rates, please call our rental office at (340) 776-1120.

Paid parking in Cruz Bay on St. John

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General Parking Tips for St. John

Once you head out of Cruz Bay to the Virgin Island National Park, have a plan.

  • When traveling to the beaches, take a taxi or leave early because parking fills up quickly.
  • Trunk Bay, in particular, is a favorite destination beach for weddings, reunions, and just plain fun. Parking can be hard to find, and trust us, the fines are expensive.

Our Services

We’re a car rental service, specializing in SUVs and Jeep Wrangler rentals on St. John’s. We’ve got the vehicles to get you around our mountainous terrain — and to have fun doing it too. In addition to paid parking, we offer wedding rentals, business rentals, and insurance replacement rentals. We’re ready to assist with all your car rental needs.

Why Choose Us

Two-minute walk away from the ferry dock.

Only car rental company on St. John with parking. Ask about our renters’ rates.

Meticulously cleaned vehicles. Clean entire car from top to bottom inside and out including engine.

Family-owned and -operated.

For more information, see our Who We Are and FAQ pages.

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Whether you’re here for business or pleasure — and really when you’re on St. John’s, it’s all pleasure — L&L Jeep Rental can provide the Wrangler you want to see the island in style. And don’t forget, we’ve got the parking too. For best selection, book a rental one year in advance of your trip. Call (340) 776-1120, or you can also book a car rental now. We serve St. John, Virgin Islands.

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